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Home Care

We provide tailored care for Seniors, starting from their individual needs and conditions. If your loved one needs care at home, in a nearby community or elsewhere, we can adjust to every need.


Our professional home care team is trained to manage the needs of your loved ones. To know more about the services available in your community, you can reach us through the contact numbers.

  • Care for neuro-degenerative conditions: Alzheimer, Parkinson's, Stroke (Thrombosis or CVA), etc.

  • Personal accompaniment and Homemaking (light household chores ).

  • Assistance to people with physical limitations: assisted bathing, wheelchair movement, positioning in bed or chairs, etc.

  • Professional Nursing: Medication, wound healing, catheter and probe management, Colostomy and Ostomy care, injections, insulin, etc.

  • Family Respite: Caregiver replacement, vacation coverage, exhaustion, travel or weekend outings.

  • Ambulatory Accompaniment: Medical appointments, studies, and images, visits to the Dentist, Geriatrician, etc.

  • Safe Transportation: Assisted transfers, accompanied by professional caregivers.

  • Health Reminders: Monitoring of medications, blood pressure, blood sugar (Glucose), medical evaluation, etc.

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